If you have been dreaming of ways to make your next event the most talked about occasion of the year, it’s time to dream higher! Because today, we’re going to tell you why our Stilt Walkers provide the perfect entertainment act for any event.

Now we don’t mean to be on our high horse, but we think our Stilt Walkers are pretty awesome. Not only do they provide an entertaining presence like no other, but they can also be used in a number of different ways and will adapt to suit your event, no matter the occasion. Our Stilt Walkers can be booked with a variety of different themes and costumes that your guests will love (oh, they’re a height sight for sore eyes)! With many diverse options to choose from, we can supply a suitable Stilt Walker, as well as find or create the right attire that will effortlessly spice up your event.

When you hire our Stilt Walkers for a planned event or party, you can be sure that they will amuse your guests in the most fun and memorable ways. Not only do our Stilt Walkers look good, your charismatic walker can be used for a variety of different areas of your event.

Stilt Walkers Can Be Used To:

  • Meet and great your guests
  • Entertain onlookers with charming performances
  • Mingle and interact with guests
  • Strike a pose for those token photos as your guests party the night away.

It’s the perfect entertainment solution for both adults and children!

Our professional Stilt Walkers have performed at all sorts of events. They can be hired for corporate occasions, birthdays parties, anniversaries, weddings, shopping centre events, private events – basically we provide Stilt Walking acts for any event!

If you want an entertainment act that promises to create a dynamic atmosphere, deliver enjoyment and add life to your event, then you have come to the right place. Our Stilt Walkers are head and shoulders above the rest and are guaranteed to exceed your guests’ expectations – now that’s sure to leave you feeling high and mighty!

Learn more or Book a Stilt Walker for your event today.