Why You Need To Hire A Santa For Your Christmas Party


Celebratory decorations, giving and receiving gifts, an abundance of delicious Christmas food – the silly season is without a doubt everyone’s favourite time of the year. So if you have been left with the responsibility of organising the infamous Christmas party this year, why not up the festivities when you hire a Santa for the occasion?

It’s not easy to spark that true Christmas vibe in a country as warm as Australia. So when it comes to planning a Christmas party in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or surrounding areas, we need all the festive spirit we can get! Aside from the obvious agenda items that come with event management – setting the date, booking the venue, arranging the catering and drinks – the party entertainment is not something that should be forgotten about.

Solution? Infuse your Christmas party with merriment by entertaining the crowd with everyone’s favourite fat man in the red suit!


Hire A Santa For Your Christmas Party

Santa is the classic symbol of Christmas. I mean, imagine a Christmas without Santa – that’s just depressing. When you invite a Santa to your Christmas party, you are promised with live entertainment, ultimate festivity and you’re guaranteed to get those silly vibes swinging!

Hiring a Santa will also separate your Christmas party from every other event of the year. Whether it’s a large corporate party, a small staff gathering, or your annual family get-together, your real-life Santa will be sure to break the ice, engage and entertain children and adults alike, and make it that legendary Christmas party everyone talks about for the entire year ahead. After all, everyone loves Santa, regardless of their age.

At Big Top Entertainment, we handpick only the finest Santa’s to spread the jolly Christmas vibe. At each and every event we hold, we challenge ourselves to top the last! Bring the spirit of Christmas to life this year and hire a Santa for your Christmas party. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly.

Santa Claws is coming to town – contact us today!

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