Gold Coast Stilt Walkers


Gold Coast Stilt Walkers

Our Gold Coast stilt walkers are a superb way of capturing the curiosity and attention of a huge crowd at your next event. The stunning height of a person on stilts always turns heads. Stilt walkers are an innovative way of creating a BIG IMPRESSION on your visitors. No matter if you are planning an event, a party or a promotion, the presence of stilt walkers makes a positive impact and a highly entertaining attraction.

Why do you need stilt walkers at your event?

Our stilt walkers are known for their style, grace and eye catching apparels. If it is extra flair you are after, then you can choose from a wide range of costumes and themes.

The practice and experience of our stilt walkers bring to the table, allows them to customise their services to meet your entertainment requirements. This could be through costumes or by playing a character or role to fit your event’s theme. Our entertainers are happy to simply be a presence at your party, by simply standing in a designated area, or you may want them to move around and engage with your guests for photos. Either way, our stilt walkers are trained to create a cheerful and festive atmosphere every time.

gold coast stilt walkersNo matter if you are planning a large festival, parade, birthday bash, promotional event or just another party with your colleagues and friends, the presence of stilt walkers is sure to add a dash of colour, life and beauty to your party. We offer a highly personalised experience for you and your guests.

Lastly, we want to mention that our stilt walkers go through rigorous training and are great at interacting and keeping the energy high. So the next time you are planning an event, make sure to do something different and contact our team of Gold Coast stilt walkers.

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