Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Entertainment


Are you struggling to find a way to make your corporate event stand out in the corporate crowd?

Many details go into the planning of events. You have to consider various elements – from the venue, guest lists to food and security. Finding the right corporate event entertainment agency is a daunting and time-consuming task. The ultimate goal of a corporate event is to deliver the best experience to guests and create an interactive ambiance.


Top 5 Steps to finding the right Corporate Event Entertainment

1. Determine your theme and what you’d love to see from your entertainment.

Are you wanting interaction between your guests or do you want your guests to be jaw dropping amazed? Perhaps you are after a fantastic night full of fun and flare?

Think about what type of theme are you after, and take notes of specific colours, famous locations or even a mix to make it unique. Whatever you’re after, be sure to tell the entertainment company so they can give you the best options to suit your event.

2. Check if your supplier is an agent or a direct entertainment company.

Many event organisers do not realise that a lot of agencies book through multiple entertainment companies to get your end result. This results in your company paying more for your entertainment. If you had booked directly with the entertainment agent, you would save yourself paying multiple additional fees. Wouldn’t ​you love to put that extra money into more entertainment or decorations for your event? Or even better, save it for an event at a later date!

3. Determine whether the company meets the 3-A criteria

The 3-A criteria include – approachability, accessibility, and availability. And you should make sure the company in question is great in all these three sectors of communication. So, whenever you’re meeting with a representative or interviewing one, make sure to ask as many questions as possible.

4. Make sure the event agency uses quality equipment

Do not overlook the logistics and equipment. Ask the company if they own their equipment system, costumes and required items to do their job correctly.  They should not put all the pressure on you to find the right equipment to complete their shows. You have enough to worry about, which is why it’s part of their job to insure that it is all taken care of.

5. Determine a flexible budget

Budget is one of the most critical components of an event planning process. And you need to determine it, before finding the right corporate event entertainment company for hire. The key is to get the best deal out of any budget strata. Do not opt for a mediocre entertainment agency if your budget is tight. Try hard in the negotiation process. Put forth a reasonable option that will benefit both you and the agency.

Important questions to ask an Event Entertainment Company before hiring.

  1. What are the core attractions they suggest for your event?
  2. How do they work on the day of the event, as well as the process beforehand?
  3. Can they work within your budget?
  4. Do they they have all the equipment and costumes needed to complete their job.

It all comes down to their commitment towards delivering top entertainment for your corporate event. And if a company is capable of delivering the best entertainment for your event without adding to your planning stress, they are well worth the hire.

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