If events were cakes, entertainment would be the icing on top. Good entertainment entices guests, builds a vibe in the room and makes experiences even more memorable. To ensure you and your guests are in for a great time and your next event, we have identified five crucial stages to selecting the very best event entertainment in Brisbane.

5 fundamental steps to providing the best event entertainment in Brisbane

  1. DISTINGUISH YOUR GOALThe very first step to choosing the best entertainment for your event is to recognise what it is your event is trying to achieve. It could be:
    • To raise money for a charity
    • To promote a new product
    • To provide a networking opportunity
    • To schmooze with new and existing clients

    Whatever the purpose of your event is, your entertainment should be a direct reflection of your goals and values. Entertainment that is complementary to your objectives will help the event run smoothly and increase your chances of fulfilling your goal.
    For example, in a report by the Event Marketing Institute, they stated, “80% of attendees said that live demonstrations and free samples significantly help define their purchasing decision.” Therefore, if your goal is increase sales of a new product, an entertaining demo ought to be on the itinerary!


Understanding your audience and what makes them ‘tick’ helps immensely when it comes to choosing entertainment. Once your target audience has been identified, it is far easier to match an appropriate act.

Pinpointing the age demographic, interests and motivations of your guests will offer invaluable insights into their needs. This will help you to choose an entertainment option that is adequate and frequent enough to keep your guests engaged and interested.


The theme of your event should compliment your brand, generate a buzz leading up to your event and create a great atmosphere. When choosing the theme, you need to consider the nature of your event by reverting back to step one and two. You may also wish to research theme ideas that have worked well at similar events, and then raise the bar even higher!

Remember, guests are looking for something unique to mix up their daily routine. If you need help choosing a theme, our website provides ample theme ideas and inspiration for entertainment that will nurture your event’s goals.


If you have carefully selected the right entertainment company in step four, this part should be a breeze! A professional performer who can mesmerise the audience will give your guests something to talk about long after the event has ended. In fact, they’ll be dying to share their experience!

Have a think about the potential benefits social media exposure could bring to your business, such as leads and brand recognition, and be sure to incorporate entertainment that is visual in nature (this especially applies to product launches). Nobody will share your event on Instagram if there isn’t something to photograph!

If you would like more ideas on how to choose the best event entertainment in Brisbane and help make your party stand out from the pack, please feel free to contact our expert entertainers on 0427 770 550 or email staff@bigtopentertainment.com.au.


Booking the right event entertainment is a great investment for your business. A good entertainment company will be on top of latest trends and will help you to select the best type of entertainment to fulfill your event’s purpose.

It is also important to engage with a reputable company who supply reliable and professionally trained entertainers that will not leave you high and dry. Our professional entertainment options are guaranteed to gain jaw-dropping reactions from your audience and will meet the needs of your guests.

Big Top Entertainment is Queensland’s first choice for event entertainment bookings. No matter your event, our Brisbane Stilt Walkers can adapt to fit into your event seamlessly, taking it from bearable to unforgettable! Add something fun and exciting to your next party or function, contact our entertainment team today on 0427 770 550.