Looking for Brisbane stilt walkers?


Brisbane Stilt Walkers in costumes

Need a unique and engaging way of entertaining your guests at your next event? Brisbane stilt walkers are the perfect addition!

Our Brisbane stilt walkers will keep your audience entertained with their talented and colourful performance at your next event or party.

Who are we?

Big Top Entertainment and Events has been in the event industry for more than 20 years. Our team are highly trained to perform and adapt to fit any type of event.

What are our stilt walkers known for?

Our Brisbane stilt walkers are well-known for their grace, professionalism and eye-catching colourful costumes. They are a great addition for product launches, corporate parties, fundraising events, special occasions and more.

With our team specialising in unique performances, we can customise our services for any event. Furthermore, we can help you decide on the venue setting, the staging area as well as any other entertainment needs.

Brisbane stilt walkers are available now at your next event!

We guarantee that your guests or audience will be fascinated and entertained. In addition to their height, the stilt walker’s skill and grace allows them to easily navigate through crowds and venues. Our Brisbane stilt walkers are great at interacting with crowds and posing for photos to capture the moment.

In addition to your event, we can provide you with roving ground acts such as magicians, illusionists, contortionists, balloon sculptors, jugglers and more!

Furthermore, our roving ground acts come with a wide range of different colourful costumes and themes which can be personally customised to your events. Contact us now to get a free quote and make your next event a unique and memorable one.

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