Brisbane Stilt Walker Acts for Every Occasion?


Gold Coast Stilt Walkers

Planning an event is an exciting experience, but choosing the right entertainment can be a little daunting at times. The trick to hosting a great event is hiring a top-notch act to amuse the crowd, and you can rely on Brisbane Stilt Walker Acts to do just that – no matter the occasion.

For many, many years, Stilt Walkers have proven to be a popular entertainment act at events. The reason for their popularity most likely comes down to their versatility, because stilt walking presents a wealth of opportunities for fun and amusement. Stilt Walkers can dress up and perform to fit just about any theme and event. From cabaret to cowboy, Disney themed to customised advertising costumes; these guys will tower above your guests and are sure to capture the attention of every person in the room, from all directions.

As if walking on stilts wasn’t already enough talent – our Stilt Walkers have got the personality too. They don’t just look the part in their intricately detailed costumes, our entertainers will engage with your guests, perform astonishing acts, can serve drinks and create a memorable experience for everyone (we aren’t called big top entertainment for nothing).

How can a Stilt Walker Act fit into your Brisbane-based event?

Whether you’re hosting a children’s birthday bash, a corporate event, an engagement party or organising a big product promotion, our Stilt Walkers are sure to cause a stir at your next event. We will customise our acts to suit your occasion perfectly, mesmerising each and every one of your guests – you just name the time and day!

We’re an energetic, fun-loving, engaging, tall bunch, and we’re sure to rock the socks off your next party or event.

Interested in hiring a Stilt Walker Act for your Brisbane event? Contact our team today.

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