If you’re hosting a dinner event, you’ve probably already tasted the foods from five different menus, picked the perfect champagne and agonised over the perfect shade of serviettes. But, uh-oh, you’ve forgotten the banquet entertainment!

Whether you’re organising a corporate night, charity event or an awards show, your night heavily relies on selecting the right entertainment team to meet your guests’ high expectations.

So, if you’re looking for that extra special touch to add to a grand evening feast, take a look over these five great entertainment ideas that are sure to make your event stand out from the rest.


Banquet Entertainment Ideas


There’s nothing quite like a spectacular Lyra show to captivate your audience. Our performers showcase a display of technical ability whilst suspended over seven metres in the air. These thrilling routines are certain to wow your guests for an experience remembered long into the night and beyond.


Spanish Web

When we say stand out from the crowd, we mean literally. This prowess act comprises of elegant ballet routines on a single rope whilst suspended over eight meters above your guests! (Don’t try this at home) This performance will guarantee extraordinary photo opportunities that will be shared on your guests’ social media for a long time to come.


Magicians and Illusionists

Enrich your guests’ evening with wonder and mystification in the hands of a Magician or an Illusionist. Just one act of spellbinding magic from our most seasoned performers is enough to stun your audience for the entire night. If you’d like to get your guests involved, our world-class performers will scoot around the tablets interacting and entertaining your attendees with bewilderment. You can bet your bottom dollar this one will be a hit amongst children and adults alike!


Promo Girls

If you’re keen to liven the atmosphere and impress your guests as soon as they arrive, our Promo Girls will do just that. Not only are they extremely interactive by meeting and greeting your guests, they will also walk around your venue serving drinks and food and generally ensuring your guests are having a great time. Believe us when we say, our Promo Girls can work up an appetite!


Theme your banquet

Any entertainer will tell you that the more energy in the room, the better the evening! Build the buzz by getting your guests involved with an exciting theme. Here, the only limit is your imagination! Consider your audience and find a theme that will inspire your guests. And if you’re stuck for ideas – not a problem. Take a look at our themed events page or speak to our expert entertainers who will find just the right theme for you.

If we’ve inspired you with these ideas, there’s plenty more where that came from! We offer ample personalised banquet entertainment ideas to help you create an event that will really surprise your guests. Call us today on 0427 770 550 for an experience you will not forget!