Aerial Acts in Brisbane


The aerial acts Brisbane team are a headline act! We perform for a variety of audiences across Queensland. Our most popular aerial performances include:

This style of performance is suspenseful, engaging and most importantly, exciting.

Our talented team use their strength, stamina and acrobatic skill to hang upside down above the audience. These acts are a spectacular display of elite fitness and pure entertainment. And, as a result of its popularity, our aerial performances are one of our most popular acts.

A Few Highlights

Featured at Movie World on the Gold Coast and many of Queensland’s top festivals, our aerial performances will give your next event the wow factor. Because of the popularity of our performances, we know that audiences at events and festivals love the dynamic skills of our talented team.

What you can expect

Our performances feature our incredible aerialists wrapped in fabrics or silks high above the ground. The acts include holding static poses and showcasing incredible strength and physical endurance. Furthermore, our performers climb to great heights before dramatically dropping. This creates create suspense and anticipation for all. Each act will leave your audience wanting more!

Our performances are colourful, dynamic and memorable.

Discover more of our acts

We have showcased our spectacular performances in our gallery of aerial acts. You’ll be amazed at the talent and skill of our impressive acts.

Make sure your next event includes captivating and memorable entertainment! Contact us now for a complimentary quote. Aerial acts in Brisbane will amaze your audience leaving them wanting more!