Aerial Acts Gold Coast


Aerial Acts Gold Coast is famous by so many different names, like aerial silks, aerial net, aerial straps and more.

Well, guess what! Big Top Entertainment and Events does it all.

If you live in the Gold Coast, you may have seen our aerial artists around. Our Aerial Musique performance was recently one of the key performances for the Movie World Carnivale. Our aerial performances are also featured in our circus shows that have been performed all around Queensland.

Want to include aerial acts Gold Coast at your next event?

We don’t blame you. Between our body painted aerialist, trapeze artists and chandelier champagne pourers, we have an aerial act to fit any event or venue.

Let’s talk you through a few…

Chandelier Champagne PourersAerial Acts Gold Coast

This is one of our newest acts and has quickly become most popular for Gold Coast bar, club and restaurant events. As the lights sparkle and shine on the amazing chandelier, you can watch in awe as our aerialist hang upside down to pour champagne to each of your guests.

Body Painted Aerialist

Our aerialist can become any character you want when they are painted from head to toe to match your event’s theme. Your crowd will watch in awe at the skills being displayed by our amazing and graceful aerialist.

Aerial Musique

Aerial Acts Gold CoastThis very act has been featured as the key performance for truly magnificent shows and events. Monique Louise performs a unique taste of not just one, but both aerial artistry and live singing. This show has been called ‘breathtaking,’ ‘stunning,’ and ‘truly magnificent.’

This is only the start of the many aerial acts Gold Coast that is available through Big Top Entertainment and Events. Be sure to check out more of our aerial performances before you stop over to contact page for a complimentary quote to book our aerial acts for your next event.

You do not want your audience to miss the amazing experience of watching a highly trained and skilled professional doing various activities while hanging themselves on air with few simple silks or fabrics. Get in touch with us today to find out more.