5 Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas


Anyone that has hosted a successful work event will tell you it was all down to the entertainment. So if you’re looking for awesome corporate party entertainment ideas that are going to be a huge hit amongst guests, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

There are many reasons for a business to host a corporate event, whether that be for an intimate gathering of 10, a large awards ceremony, team building, a product launch, annual conferences, or simply to schmooze with the clients (to name just a few). But let’s not forget that any corporate party is also an excuse to get your business in the limelight and appeal to potential clients and employees. What we are trying to say here is, it’s kind of important to get the entertainment right.

So, now you understand why having the right entertainment at your work party is essential, let’s move on to how you can make your party the event of the year and get your business on the social scene. The trick to ensuring all of your guests enjoy the party is by getting them involved. Check out these five entertainment ideas that are sure to make your next corporate event a total winner.

5 Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas

1. Themed Nights

Nobody arrives to a themed event without the expectation to party. After all, they have already shown their enthusiasm by dressing up in a ridiculous outfit. Themed nights encourage guests to leave the working week behind and let their hair down, whilst the most extravagant costumes always make great conversation starters. Themed events also offer the opportunity to include photo booths, fun games and competitions throughout the night, such as offering a Best-Dressed Award.

Top tip: It’s always a good idea to have a few spare accessories handy for those who didn’t get ‘themed’ memo!

2. Stand-Up Comedy

Have you ever met a person who didn’t enjoy comedy? Didn’t think so. Hiring a stand-up comedian is the perfect way to entertain your guests at a party, no matter their age, gender, interests or association with your business. It’s also a great way to take the entertainment pressure off yourself so you can enjoy the night, too. And who knows, miserable Keith from accounts may even crack a smile!

3. Live Music

Background music is a must for creating a good atmosphere at any type of party or event. However, having a professional musician play to your guests live makes it all that more invigorating! Similarly to stand-up comedy, live music is great for setting the right vibe and awakening your crowd. It is also a fantastic way to engage your guests without taking the focus away from the night’s purpose.

4. Stage Shows

Another proven way to entertain your guests is by hiring professional stage performers. Apart from the obvious benefit of being WOWed by their talents (entertaining is their job after all), these guys take away that burdening responsibility of having to entertain yourself. There are many performance and showbiz acts you can choose from, such as dancers, cabaret performers, acrobats and circus acts … the list goes on. You can take a look at some of the performance acts we offer here.

5. Face & Body Art

Celebrate in style by inviting a specialised paint artist to decorate you and your guests with illustrative magic. You can encourage your guests to truly express themselves with the help of either a body & face painter, make up artist, special affects, or temporary tattoo artist. No matter if your event is for clients or employees, adults only or families welcome, or whether it’s formal or casual attire, this fun and entertaining idea is perfect for every party occasion.

If you are hosting a work event and would like to discuss the best corporate party entertainment idea for you, please get in touch with Big Top Entertainment. It’s our job is to make sure you book the best!