With hundreds of events happening in Brisbane every single day, how can you be sure to make yours stand mighty tall from the crowd? With our Brisbane Stilt Walkers of course!


Our diverse Stilt Walkers can provide entertainment for all types of events. They have worked on corporate events, birthday parties, wedding and engagement parties, hens nights, galas, exhibitions, private dinners, conferences, festivals, carnivals – name an event, they’ve done it.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how our Stilt Walkers could possibly fit into a corporate event? Luckily, we’re about to tell you …

How Brisbane Stilt Walkers can integrate perfectly into any event

  1. Meet & Greet

From the moment your guests walk through the door right through to the end of the night, your attendees will be swept off their feet in surprise. Our Stilt Walkers make fantastic entrances at any event or function and can meet and greet your VIP guests with a spectacular arrival.

2. Themed Walkers

Immerse your event with wonderment and style as themed walking characters parade the room in costume. Our entertainers will personally cater to you by dressing in theme to perfectly match your brand, venue or goals. Each of our clients and their guests experience creative costume designs that have been exclusively tailored to their event. Themed entertainers also make for great brand advertising on social media snaps!

3. Statues

Businessperson or not, everyone loves a good surprise. Watch your guests be wowed from all directions of the room as ‘statues’ unexpectedly come to life. Our team can also place costumes and props around the room, which will begin to move sporadically and startle your guests. Your attendees will be in fits of laughter – it’s an entertainment idea that’s sure to be reminisced over in years to come.

4. Interact & Engage

Stilt Walkers add that exciting novelty factor to events and are something everyone can equally enjoy. Not only will they entertain and perform for adults and children alike, Stilt Walkers can also mingle with your guest as they move throughout the crowd, spark conversations, act in theme and even hand out food, flyers and other promotional material.

Big Top Entertainment is Queensland’s first choice for event entertainment bookings. No matter your event, our Brisbane Stilt Walkers can adapt to fit into your event seamlessly, taking it from bearable to unforgettable! Add something fun and exciting to your next party or function, contact our entertainment team today on 0427 770 550.