We’ve all suffered through a tedious awards ceremony in the past. You know, the ones where it’s been ‘all talk, no fun’. When these types of events aren’t well thought out, they often result in lack of attention, yawning, clock watching or worse … early departures! That’s why the awards night entertainment is the most crucial aspect to the event. No pressure.

However, if you have an important rewards evening on the horizon, please don’t fret. Awards nights are a fantastic way to commemorate an achievement, celebrate in style and finally let your hair down. So we’ve put together some cracking entertainment ideas that will WOW your award winners and their guests for a night truly worth celebrating.

Awards Night Entertainment Ideas

  1. Champagne Services

If you’ve got a long list of awards to give out, you’d better ensure your guests are well hydrated. Keep the drinks flowing throughout your event with our magnificent champagne dresses or champagne chandelier. Our girls will give your event an injection of fabulousness as they scoot around the tables offering bubbles in sparkling style, or serve your guests whilst suspended midair from a dazzling chandelier! Because who says formalities have to be boring?

2. Acrobatics

Breaking up the evening with a spectacle of talent is the perfect way to get just the right the balance of speeches and entertainment. So why not give your guests something to talk about long after they leave your event with an astounding, mind-boggling, heart-racing acrobatics stage show. Our professional acrobats can perform the most outstanding moves and balances and are renowned for bringing their audience to a standing ovation.

3. Themed Events

Spice up your awards ceremony with an Oscar awards theme, where guests will be spoiled with the real Hollywood treatment. Simply lay down a red carpet, provide plenty of champagne and add a ‘dress to impress’ dress code on the invitations, and your event space will soon be filled with glitz and glamour. When you hire our performers, they will arrive in sensational costume to compliment your theme and inspire your guests all night through.

4. Performers

Whether you kick the night off with a spectacular lollipop lyra routine or set the evening alight with an LED Hula hoop glow act, inviting a few performers to your awards event may not be such a bad idea after all. Our extensive list of free standing performers do not require a rigging point, so aside from providing a highly memorable experience for your guests, they are completely hassle free! (You might even be lucky enough to keep your guests’ eyes away from their phone screens all night *gasps* – unless, of course, it’s to Snapchat the entire performance, which would be great for your online marketing!)

Big Top Entertainment would love to help you create an event that is memorable and fun for your stars and their guests. Whatever your award ceremony may be, we’ll help you to conceptualise, plan and discover the perfect entertainment option to compliment your evening for an unforgettable night – guaranteed!

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